Hobo Premium SEO Checklist & Task Manager

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QUOTE: “If you ever wanted a checklist of things to do when it comes to search engine optimization, Shaun Anderson of Hobo SEO has recently produced the best one I’ve ever seen.” C Rand, 2022

If you are a website manager, developer, or business owner and you need to get a firm grip on your SEO this year, look no further than Hobo Premium SEO Checklist & Task Manager.

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The premium checklist is kept up-to-date with the very latest guides on everything to do with SEO. With over 1500 tips direct from Google on almost every aspect of SEO, you can manage your website SEO into the future in a cost-effective manner.

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  • Follow the Technical SEO Checklist to ensure all technical aspects of SEO are covered.
  • Follow the beginner-level SEO Starter Guide for comprehensive SEO best practices.
  • Plan to optimize your site using Google Search Console.
  • Follow the checklist for local SEO optimization.
  • Ensure your product data meets Google's quality standards with a guide to Google Merchant Center.
  • Verify meta tags with a professional's guide to Meta Tags.
  • Use the in-depth JavaScript guide for functionality and compatibility checks.
  • Manage and optimize website crawling with a comprehensive guide to Crawl Management.
  • Validate structured data implementation with a professional's guide to Structured Data.
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive sitemap with a guide to Sitemaps.
  • Evaluate and improve your page experience with a guide to Page Experience.
  • Optimize your Robots.txt file with the guide to Robots.txt.
  • Ensure URL canonicalization with the guide to Canonicalization.
  • Assess and enhance the home page user experience.
  • Optimize website copywriting for Google with the professional's guide to SEO Copywriting.
  • Use the SEO professional's website migration checklist.
  • Optimize e-commerce site performance with the professional's guide to Ecommerce SEO.
  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly with the pro mobile SEO checklist.
  • Maximize video content visibility with this guide to Video SEO.
  • Follow the professional's guide for international SEO setup.
  • Take advantage of Google Discover for site visibility.
  • Manage and optimize links on your site.
  • Monitor and combat spam on your website.
  • Implement comprehensive keyword research.
  • Follow the professional's Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines to improve website quality.
  • Set up and utilize Google Analytics 4 .
  • Perform Website Quality Rater Checks.
  • Follow the E.E.A.T. Checklist with the professional's guide to improve website's quality and relevance.
  • Use the professional's guide for On-Page SEO check with Ai (BETA!).

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About the Premium SEO Checklist

QUOTE: “This is an - end-to-end blueprint - for building and running a Tier 1 TechSEO agency - for the Enterprise. A living document that Shaun is constantly updating. Even the free version (also regularly updated) is more than enough to outperform the majority of the competitors. Arguably Shaun is a "hidden" Gem(which makes no sense given his command of the Tech SEO art, as ... stated in the past). Paid version: Way underpriced.” Peri Papanikolaou, 2023

About the creator of Hobo Premium SEO Checklist

QUOTE: “Shaun Anderson is by now a quite well-known figure in the SEO industry and beyond partly due to his ongoing efforts of spreading SEO knowledge both within the industry and to the masses. He has published popular SEO resources for beginners and intermediate users both on his site and as an ebook. I’ve followed Hobo UK over the years and was quite impressed with their track record of contributions to the general understanding of SEO procedures and best practices.” TChef

Shaun Anderson is the Head of SEO at Hobo Web with 20+ years of experience in SEO. See here for more. Testimonials

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1500+ tips from Google itself on how to rank your website on Google. With 20 years experience in SEO (Search engine optimization), the author has tested and prioritized critical guidelines for you to deploy on your own website..

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Hobo Premium SEO Checklist & Task Manager

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